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Name: Video Slave Version: 3.2.128 Mac Platform: Intel OS Version: OS X 10.9.5 and later Includes: Pre-K'ed (install and play) Web Site: Overview Synchronized movie playback - simple and powerful Video Slave 3 offers seamless playback of movies in sync to MIDI Timecode. Video Slave 3 works with all major DAWs including Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, Nuendo, Cubase and Studio One - or any other device that can generate timecode as a source. Video Slave 3 can be used either on a wired MIDI connection or through network MIDI. Video Slave 3's sync engine provides stunningly fast locking times and tight sync guaranteed: in many cases it's better than using the video engine built into your DAW. Let the in-built engine handle the audio and use Video Slave 3 to effortlessly execute all the heavy lifting with video. Custom playback engine with GPU-supported rendering Leverage the power of Video Slave 3 to playback all today's commonly used codecs including DV/DVCPRO, Motion JPEG, Apple Pro Res, H.264, and AVC Intra. The supported container types include QuickTime, MXF (operational patterns Op1a and Op-Atom) and others. You can even use it in stand-alone mode to audition video clips on the fly. Stop wasting time transcoding movie clips to a format preferred by your DAW. Simply drop the video clip into Video Slave and it does the rest. Our custom-designed video playback engine has been built to meet the needs of audio/video professionals around the globe. Unlike other solutions on the market, Video Slave 3 does not rely on the QuickTime engine, crucial now that QuickTime has been officially deprecated by Apple with OS X 10.9, and will disappear in a future update of OS X. Video Slave 3 gives exceptional video playback, and saves you valuable time. Overlays to transform your daily work One of the core features of Video Slave 3 are flexible overlays, enabling the superimposition of all types of visual cues over the picture - useful in a whole range of scenarios. From simple on/off overlays for timecode or feet and frames, to timed overlays for streamers, markers, flutters and ADR cues. Timed overlays can be programmed directly within Video Slave 3, but also imported from a file in many popular formats (CSV, SRT, STL, ADR Studio Scripts) or triggered directly from your DAW or other MIDI-compatible equipment such as a keyboard or trigger pads. What puts Video Slave 3 ahead of the competition is the incredible flexibility of its overlays. All the overlay types can be turned on or off on an individual video device basis. This enables set-ups where a voice talent or actor can view the video superimposed with streamers, punches and text, while the editor or director can focus on the performance without being distracted by the visual cues. ADR recording taken to the next level One of the brand new features in Video Slave 3 is its ADR recording and management capabilities, tightly integrated with Pro Tools. With Video Slave 3 it is easy to create new ADR cue events directly from a timeline selection in Pro Tools. You can also modify the timing of existing events, split them at the playhead or update them from the current timeline selection, all at the click of a button. Define exactly how each track should behave when rehearsing, recording and reviewing in Video Slave's sophisticated mute/record matrix. Let Video Slave name the tracks before recording, so you can find the right regions immediately after recording. Export cues as CSV files, let tools like Conformalizer handle the re-conforms and re-import the cues again, or print a list of cues choosing one of Video Slave's integrated layouts. Video Slave is the only solution on the market offering ADR recording features with a direct connection to Pro Tools as well as movie playback to external video hardware - all in one application. Giving you unprecendented flexibility and professionalism. New Features in 3.2: - Support for half-speed playback from Pro Tools. - Video Slave now determines its playback speed from the video reference if attached. This requires a Blackmagic or AJA device with video reference input - Video Slave now supports the import of DS Taker DBF files. Markers are imported as Streamer events. - Added new preference for the import of sub-cues (currently only supported with DBF files) - Added support for flutters/punches during cues - Added ADR Cue default duration setting. This setting is also used when importing ADR Cues from script files when no output TC is provided. - Added support for open ended cues. If start and end TC are set to the same value, cues will behave as if they were open ended. There will be a streamer/countdown at the beginning and the text/actor/record mode overlay but no progress bar and no black screen. (Note: open ended cues only work when rehearsing/recording/reviewing cues from Pro Tools and also only if batch recording mode is disabled) Improvements: - Improved frame-accurate looping. This requires a DAW connection and is thus only available in Video Slave 3 Dub - Video Slave now displays the HUI connection state in the preferences - Filtering for actor and character now uses a dropdown menu instead of a text field - New display settings preferences UI. Many customers were confused by the combination of device list and device settings. We changed the settings UI now to make it more obvious. - Renamed recording mode "Open Ended" to "Batch Recording" to avoid confusion to the now available open ended cues Bug Fixes: - Fixed a bug where importing a short CSV file with a trailing carriage return wouldn't work - Fixed a stall/beachball when using MMC - Fixed a bug reporting a successful activation even though there was a problem with the internet connection - Fixed a bug of wrong event TC addresses when changing movie start/end TC - Fixed a bug where systemwide shortcuts for the ADR features wouldn't work in the demo - Fixed a crash on event file import if character and actor are not both mapped - Fixed a bug where Video Slave would crash if a Mono output bus was selected for the audio beep - Fixed a bug causing a crash when deleting movies from the playlist - Fixed bug where adjusting an audio region's start TC wouldn't work reliably


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