Tri-BACKUP Pro 8.1.8 Free Download Software For Mac + Torrent

Backup, restore, synchronize, compress and delete records and files
Protect and store automatically backs up your documents, files and hard drives with the help of Tri-BACKUP, selecting a predefined action or scheduling a periodic operation as backup a disk drive, synchronization of folders or disks, and to the drain of the caches and temporary folders or automatic launching of scripts or applications.
Tri-BACKUP offers a friendly interface, structured around three icons, with access to immediate action, scheduled operations, as well as a small collection of tools with which we can compare two folders or disks, split and merge the contents of a folder in many others, and to modify the properties of files and folders.
Of course, you have a complete history of all actions taken with a log of errors produced a subtle file browser and the ability to edit filtrps based on the properties of the files. The most interesting of Tri-BACKUP, are scheduled actions with which we can program copies the system automatically and to execute the copy, nothing insert a CD-ROM directly into the toaster.

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