TimeExposure ProSelect Pro 2016 r1.10 Mac

TimeExposure ProSelect Pro 2016 r1.10 Mac Torrent Crack Free Download. Straightforward and all-encompassing OS X solution designed for professional portraiture studios that need a presentation, sales and workflow application.

TimeExposure ProSelect Pro 2016 r1.10 Mac Torrent Crack Free Download.

ProSelect is a comprehensive and multi-platform application designed to help professional photography studios organize, showcase and sell their products.

Moreover, ProSelect enables you to create and deliver high-quality presentations that will encourage clients to purchase prints, canvases, collages, books or other materials, while also aiding you when it comes to managing orders.

Powerful solution for streamlining your image management workflow and boost sales

The ProSelect app does not target a particular aspect of the sales process, as it is intended to provide an all-in-one solution. Among the tasks it can aid you with, we can mention importing and organizing images, editing them, creating personalized layouts for various purposes, designing slideshows, delivering presentations and generating orders.

As a result, you can avoid switching between multiple applications and wasting valuable time, so as to ensure your products are ready as quickly as possible and have the desired impact.

Organize your images, keep track of modifications and generate invoices with ease

ProSelect is very easy to use, so much so that even complete novices should be able to take advantage of its features in no time. You can import and move items with simple drag and drop actions, place them in multiple sets and sort them into categories based on their quality.

The ProSelect utility also comes with a number of built-in editing tools, should you wish to crop, tilt or rotate images, as well as apply visual effects or add notes.

Furthermore, ProSelect is designed to help you manage your orders and print personalized invoices for your clients to sign.

Sales boost tool for photographers designed to provide clients with an accurate representation of the finished product

If you want to maximize your sales, it is important to ensure the products are showcased in such a way as to leave your clients with the best possible impression.

ProSelect enables you to design and deliver complex slideshow presentations, create various types of layouts and even place framed prints or canvases on actual images of the clients’ homes.

Overall, ProSelect provides you with an extensive set of tools for making sure that your photographic products are properly marketed and it can be a great addition to the arsenal of any professional photography studio that is looking for a way to boost sales.

What’s new in ProSelect 2016r1.10
December 2nd, 2016
・[FIX] Print order thumbnail images on the Order Report are no longer sometimes shown with incorrect rotations when listed after any layout orders.
・[FIX][MAC] – Reverted Photoshop scripting path delimiter from a slash back to a “:” because of compatibility issues with the NIK/Google plug-in for Photoshop. This may prevent Photoshop from interacting with some brands of NAS drives.