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Smart Scroll
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Descriptions for Smart Scroll 4.3.7

Name: Smart Scroll
Version: 4.3.7
Released: Nov 15th, 2017
Developer: Marc Moini
Mac Platform: Intel
OS Version: OS X 10.11 or later

Includes: K

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Unobtrusive and easy to use status bar menu application for macOS that provides support for smoother, faster and more efficient scrolling

Scrolling through large documents can get uncomfortable, especially if you are using a trackpad or a graphic tablet. Smart Scroll is a small Mac application designed to help you optimize your interaction when scrolling.

Unobtrusive interaction

Smart Scroll will place a small menu in your status bar in order to provide access to its Preferences window, but otherwise it functions as a service. You do not have to interact with the applications per se: the enhanced scrolling capabilities are available system wide aand all you have to do is use the correct hotkeys to trigger them.

Faster scrolling speed and highly customizable scrolling tools

Navigating to the Smart Scroll Preferences window is essential because here you get to personalize the app’s behavior. Keep in mind that you must enable the “Access for assistive devices” on systems prior to Mavericks and add Smart Scroll to the list of apps that can control your computer on Mac OS X 10.9 .

The Smart Scroll customization options are organized by the type of scrolling, however some elements remain similar: if you are using the mouse or a trackpad, you get to increase the scrolling speed by using a user set up keyboard combination and control the inertia level.

Multiple scrolling options

At the same time, if you enables the hover scroll, the page will automatically scroll up or down each time you hover your pointer at the top or bottom of the window. You get to customize both the hover zone and the scrolling speed.

Similarly, you can enables the autoscrolling function which is controlled by the arrow keys or the grab scroll which allows you to move the page using click and drag actions.

Unsophisticated yet efficient scrolling enhancer

Smart Scroll manages to optimize the actions used to scroll large documents yet remains very easy to use. Even though the application comes with many personalization options (you can even make different settings for each app), the triggers will integrate easily in your workflow.

What’s new in Smart Scroll 4.3.7

November 15th, 2017

  • New: Vector Scroll while you press a button, instead of having to click on and off. Now you have both options, plus middle-click to open links!
  • Fix: Wacom tablets and dragging to Grab Scroll works again! (Thanks, Michal Domnosil, Oliver B!)
  • Other fixes and improvements.


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