Pixel Film Studios – PROWALL: Volume 2

PROWALL Volume 2 allows users to create professional video walls easily and quickly in Final Cut Pro X. PROWALL comes with 30 different customizable environments. Choose Curving drop zones, rotate, decide the spacing, rotation and more. The camera with each environment allows the user to create any move you want with keyframes zero.

30 customizable walls
PROWALL Vol 2 comes with many unique customization options. Choose bending zones drop forth or up and down using a rotating wheel. Choose to add or subtract space between the drop zones. Choose which areas fall within the wall and which are not and much more.

Easy to use controls
We have ensured it easy to change any of the parameters within Final Cut Pro X. The user can change many parameters change simply by using rotating wheels, sliders, pop – ups, on – screen controls and more.

Overlays included
with this package are different overlays used in the video. The user can choose between overlays epic type to type fashion. Choose bokeh overlay and controls opacity, vignette, color adjustments and more.