Pixel Film Studios – ProFire: Volume 1

Want to add some effects roaring calls his next film? With PROFIRE Pixel Film Studios can add quickly and safely fire effects to your next project Final Cut Pro X unburned study. 25 compounds ProRes fire and merge tool Final Cut Pro X, you can create some great styles in your next movie. Simply drag and drop a compound on top of the footage, change the blending mode and prepare to feel the heat.

Start recording movies in FCPX
Fire can create many unique looks in the film. Use it as a physical representation of how the character feels, or even use it to create the illusion that the film cartridge actually is burning, or just use fire as a great effect on a music video or demo. The options are endless. Composing fire up your footage is a great way to create many styles.

Change how fire works
With the merge tool PROFIRE, you can completely change the look of your fire within Final Cut Pro X. Drag and drop the tool on its composite footage and easily change the color, size, blur and position your fire.
Want to go further? You can stack, combine and mix multiple clips PROFIRE elements to create unique and dense fire.