Movie Explorer 1.8.1

Movie Explorer scans all internal, external and network for digital movie files like MKV, M4V, AVI and MP4 and stores them in an attractive catalog of films for exploration and offline search units. The application can be used as a convenient starting point to play your movie files using menu commands “Play” and “Play with”. ‘Gallery’ feature allows you to enjoy posters, stills and photos of films, cast and crew.

• Assign your movie files digital cinema movies automatically with metadata provided by The Movie Database (TMDb).
• Read the technical metadata of your files using the MediaInfo library MediaArea.
• Show details like the original title, plot summary, release date, rating, but also information about the cast, the crew and study.
• Displays technical details such as encoding format, bit rate, video format, resolution, bit depth and audio specifications.
• Displays movie posters, photos of the cast, crew photo studio logos and movie files from your film.
• Show your movies as thumbnails, grouped by cast members, crew members or study, or just as files.
• Support for TV programs as part of the purchase in the ‘Extra TV’ application.
• The episodes, seasons, shows and movies can be marked as “Watched” or “not seen” and can be synchronized bidirectionally with Trakt (Add – TV).
• With the popover menu you can filter Filter ‘Unguarded’ ‘Watchlist’, ‘Paused’ and ‘Observed’, together with existing filters and search function (Complement TV).
• Show the number of files not seen in the sidebar for all filters (add – TV).
• Add movies and episodes to the watchlist and synchronize the list with Trakt (add – TV).
• Automatic updating of the Watch List when you set up an episode like Reading (Add – TV).
• Thumbnails can be resized from small to extremely large.
• In addition, you can adjust the classification and image quality thumbnails.
• All data is stored locally in a database that makes their collections of digital movies are easy to find.
• You can search the title of the film, the cast name, the name of the crew (including the director of the film), the name of the study or the file name.
• The context menu “Get Info” gives you all the details of his films, the cast and crew in a manner fully linked internally.
• The “Open Gallery” contextual menu allows you to navigate through posters, photos and illustrations movie, cast and crew.
• The customizable sidebar allows you to filter your collection by criteria such as file location, gender, country and rating.
• Practical additional filters for newly added files, stereoscopic, HD video, HD audio and duplicate files.
• You can manually assign files to movies to correct incorrect or missing metadata movie.
• Each movie file can be opened with the associated application by double – clicking.
• When using the context menu “Play with”, you can manually choose an application to play a selected movie.
• Each movie cast member or member of the crew can be investigated in more detail in IMDb, by using the built -in link.
• Allows you to open homepages film, cast and crew members.
• Export movie data on the level of location of the file to a CSV file.
• Supports new MacBook Pro touch bar.