Live Desktop 5.1

Live Desktop is an amazing application that makes the Mac desktop to life with high – definition quality and amazing animated themes instead of boring screen backgrounds and background images live.

Liven up your desktop
Live Desktop makes the Mac desktop to life with incredible live tracks and wallpapers. Say goodbye to the wallpapers and pictures of boring background experience how they should be for Mac desktops.

Stunning Live Themes
Experience a waving flag, a wall of pristine water, a raging river, a sandy beach, a roaring lion and even drops of rain water on the screen of your Mac. All themes, images and wallpapers are live, animated and have HD quality.

Experience the live audio
Most themes and live wallpapers have integrated audio. Simply click a button to enable or disable audio issues live wallpapers.

Great companion for creators
Live Desktop is a great companion for creative professionals who want a totally different environment to encourage the flow of thoughts, ideas, art or words. Live Desktop takes you to a different environment with a click.

Beautiful application to control issues
Live Desktop offers a beautiful interface to view all the songs live and also the option to download new themes that are not available locally.

Adding new topics seamless
Furthermore, additional topics are continuously added as they are created. New topics will automatically be reflected in the application and do not need to update the application.

Launch at startup
You can configure the Live Desktop application so that it starts at the beginning and is ready for use in the menu bar; It can also be activated with a single click or a hotkey stroke set.