iCopyBot 7.9.0 맥 무료 소프트웨어 다운로드 + 급류

iCopyBot 7.9.0 맥 토런트 균열 무료 다운로드iCopyBot 7.9.0 맥 토런트 균열 무료 다운로드. iCopyBot is a data transfer program that makes sharing, saving and transferring your iPod’s contents so much easier! It transfers batches of songs, videos, photos and even playlists from your iPod and copies them to a computer folder or into your iTunes library.

iCopyBot is there when you need to:
Reinstall your system or iTunes library;
Retrieve your music, videos and photos from your iPod and save them to your computer;
Share your iPod contents with friends and family;
Restore your songs, movies and photos to iTunes in the event your system crashes.
iCopyBot is the quickest and easiest way to get music, photos and videos off of your iPod and onto your computer. With iCopyBot, you never have to lose your music again!

More info: HTTP://www.icopybot.com

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