Dupin 2.12.3

iTunes duplicates the administrator.

With Dupin you can:

  • Quickly find all sets of duplicate iTunes tracks based on the selection criteria
  • Select the tracks “Keeper” of a number of duplicates automatically using a variety of versatile filtering options
  • Nurture play information, skip and classification of all tracks of a Dupe Group to the track “Guardian”
  • Refill playlists from iTunes replacing the tracks “no guard” by track “guardian”
  • Delete duplicate tracks from iTunes and send files to the Trash
  • Hearing tracks with Quick Look
  • Manage intentionally duplicated tracks
  • Remove “dead” duplicate tracks
  • See duplicate libraries are not loaded created with the Multiple iTunes library
  • Sort tracks and view track information
  • Export a list of duplicates to a text file
  • Locate tracks in the Finder and iTunes
  • In addition, Dupin features:
  • Music Library compatibility with iCloud / Apple Music
  • Support for notifications
  • familiar interface similar to iTunes
  • Robust documentation via the help menu
  • Wide keyboard shortcuts
  • Customizable Toolbars
  • Optional upgrade check