Droplock 1.0 Free Download Software For Mac + Torrent

I’ve gone through multiple encryption apps to get to one that is simple, easy and does the job. Most cannot get ouit of their own way or try to do way too much. If you need simple, effective file encryption, this is it.

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Droplock is probably the best encryption app you can find. It sits in your status bar, waiting for you to either drop an encrypted file to decrypt or a decrypted file to encrypt.

• Status bar application, always ready when you need it
• Enhanced encryption algorithm ensures data security
• Convenient interface allows efficient handling

Drop a file, enter the password and, voilà, your file is either encrypted and safe for storage or decrypted and ready to be read.

After encryption or decryption, you will be offered three choices. ‘Export’ lets you save the resulting file anywhere on your hard drive. ‘Replace’ substitutes the original with it, and ‘Email’ attaches the output file to an email.

Droplock is powered by a custom enhanced AES-256 algorithm. Working with Droplock is secure, simple and speedy.

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