Dossier 2.7.2 Free Download Software For Mac + Torrent

Dossier is a full featured information organizational tool for the Mac featuring an easy to use and customizable user interface. It is the ideal tool for keeping notes, to-do lists, passwords, or virtually anything else. It supports easy import of images and various other file formats – just drag and drop. I’ve been using Memoir (their other product) for about 5 years, and it worked well. I took the opportunity to upgrade to Dossier on the app store, and I couldn’t be happier. Smart folders and the ability to set up multiple views are great. I should also mention that with Memoir, the developers were always willing to discuss issues and features with me, and a couple of suggestions I had even made it into the later versions of their products. All around, well worth the money!

Just bought the App this morning and have thoroughly gone through every preference. A well designed App (I especially like the Spotlight integration). Two things that I hope to see in future builds: A default keyboard shortcut for linking text (you can still add it manually through the Mac’s System Preferences, through it could break with successive builds) and importation of iPhone Notes/Mail Notes. Overall, two big thumbs up to the developers. Thanks!

Key features of Dossier:

• 128 bit encryption – lock individual entries or entire folders
• Hierarchical data storage with unlimited nesting allow you to keep organized.
• Smart folders allow you to set up searches that constantly track information that interests you, as well as keep data organized in multiple ways
• Multiple document, multiple window editing interface
• Drag and drop import of most popular file formats (images, text, pdf, etc.)
• Customizable windows allows vertical and horizontal views and separate entry editing
• Prints entire documents, folders, or entries easily
• Export to multiple formats (text, rtf, word) – no vendor lock in
• Spotlight integration
• Linking not only to web pages, but also to other entries within Dossier
• Auto creation of links and entries using Wiki style links
• Integrated calendar allows you not only to see when entries were created, but also click on days to see the entries for that day
• Integrated spelling and grammar checker, text substitutions and transformations, text-to-speech – all the great features you expect from a top-notch Cocoa application

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