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DjVu converter can help you convert DjVu files to PDF documents, extract text from djvu files, convert DjVu to popular image formats such as tiff, jpg, png, bmp, gif, tga, jp2, j2k, xpm, exr .

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Why convert DjVu to PDF ?
DjVu is a format used to store scanned documents, books and periodicals. however, it is not widely distributed, and not all devices on the e-ink allow you to view this file type. PDF format is more popular among various electronic devices.

▶ Key Features:
Quickly and Easy to use
Batch DjVu to PDF conversion supported
Page Range supports
Five output mode supported: Color, Black, Stencil, Background, Foreground.
Keep aspect ratio supported.
Output with custom width, height, DPI (not available for text output).
Convert DjVu to PDF
Convert DjVu to Text
Convert DjVu to Tiff
Convert DjVu to JPG
Convert DjVu to PNG
Convert DjVu to BMP
Convert DjVu to GIF
Convert DjVu to TGA
Convert DjVu to JP2
Convert DjVu to J2K
Convert DjVu to XPM
Convert DjVu to EXR

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