DivX Plus Pro 10.7.2 Mac

DivX Plus Pro 10.7.2 Mac Torrent Crack Free Download. A complete software suite that provides quick access to a plethora of efficient tools that will enhance your digital video experience.

DivX Plus Pro 10.7.2 Mac Torrent Crack Free Download

DivX is a software package that contains various applications designed to deal with high quality video files, including movies compressed using the HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) format. These tools can be used to both play and create HEVC video content.

Simple installation process

DivX comes with its own installer that will place the DivX Converter and the DivX Player in your Applications directory. At the same time, it will also create a separate DivX folder that contains the DivX Preferences app and the DivX uninstaller (should be used to correctly remove the DivX utilities from your system).

Moreover, the DivX installer will also integrate the DivX Web Player and the DivX HEVC plug-in into your system. However, you should pay attention to the whole process because the installer offers to change the default home page and search engine for certain web browser (simply uncheck the respective box if you do not agree).

High quality video playback

The DivX Player application is able to handle popular video formats, such as AVI, MP4, MKV, or DivX, but is especially optimized to render DivX HEVC videos. As a result, you can successfully use it to watch high quality movies.

In addition, by using the DivX Web Player and the DivX HEVC plug-in, you will be able to enjoy the same quality in your browser: the player can smoothly render streamed DivX movies and more.

Convert between various video formats

The DivX Converter offers you the possibility to make your videos compatible with all your devices. The app comes with multiple encoding modes (Fastest, Balanced, Better Quality or Extreme Quality), allows you to personalize the video settings (bitrate, resolution, video size, and more), and can be used to combine clips or add subtitles and audio tracks to the videos.

Complete solution for dealing with high quality media

The DivX components offer you the possibility to both play and convert high quality movies, in a standalone player or in your browser. Last but not least, you also have the possibility to extend its capabilities via different plug-ins (must be purchased separately).

What’s new in DivX 10.7.2
January 11th, 2017

What’s New:
・HEVC encoding improvements in DivX Converter
・Improved playback of the .mkv files on Chromecast
・Responsiveness of the DivX Media Server service was improved on Mac OSX
・Enhanced thumbnails handling in Media Server
・DivX Converter now provides more robust network files handling
・DivX Cloud Connect features were refined
・Usability improved for DivX Player snapshot feature
・Installation module provides better support for Unicode environments

・Playback on ROKU has been fixed
・Other bug fixes