DiagramPainter 1.1.0 Free Download Software For Mac + Torrent

DiagramPainter is an editor for drawing professional looking flowchart diagrams, mind mappings, organization charts, and other diagrams. The diagrams are copied as image to the clipboard with one single click. It also exports diagrams as .png, .jpg, and .bmp image files, and even has an integrated fast .pdf exporter supporting shadows and transparencies.

The app allows basic flow charts, but is underdeveloped in several areas. You cannot open more than one chart at a time and the naming / saving is not clear or labeled. Formatting is VERY basic and a bit buggy. For instance, you can select multiple boxes from the open chart and select a new color and it will only apply to the last box selected rather than all. However, if you select another box from the intended selection, it shows that its colors were changed. You cannot add space above the items in the chart. So, if you start a chart and then wish to add steps prior to the first step, you have to select all chart components and move them down rather than simply add space above. Lots of room for finesse and improvement. $25 is WAY steep for what you get.

I took a chance and purchased this app. since the only other app costs 100 USD.
It works well no crashes, the lines join most of the time in fact all the features work well except printing.

Printing is without features. just print, you can’t stretch, shrink or center your chart on the page, in fact you don’t even know if you are within your selected page size until you select print preview. which means your moving things around over and over, until it prints the way you want. in fact you can’t even adjust the border or margins.

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