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Desktop Connect is a fast, full-featured desktop viewer. View and control Windows, Mac OSX and Linux computers as if you were sitting in front of them. Dell pc from my Mac Book Pro while I travel on the road, but it just isn’t possible! What a disappointment; after working with the application all weekend I am locked out of my acccount and cannot do anything. Guess I just made a $15 donation to this company and got nothing in return. I tried to find instructions on the web but they are worthless! It is supposed to be so easy and automatic, don’t beleive it! I don’t get suckered that much anymore but I sure did on this one; what a shame too. So sorry I wasted my valuable time and money on this.

It is the only app that supports both VNC and Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDP). I am not sure what the other reviewers are seeing with the 5 star kinda reviews. Have you guys ever tried Cord or even the microsoft remote desktop application. Maybe I am looking at the RDP feature too much because that is why I got it in the first place but this app is functional but not very polished, especially for $12. I am pretty disappointed, I am going to keep playing with it because I payed for it and hope that there is something that i am missing.

• Automatically discover computers on your local network.
• Optimized Performance for fast and responsive control of your computer.
• Browse easily through all computers on your network.

Privacy and Encryption:
• NLA Authentication and SSL for RDP
• MAC OSX Authentication
• SSH Port forwarding

Advanced Capabilities:
• Best-in-Class automatic discovery through both Apple Bonjour and Microsoft NETBIOS.
• Wake-on-LAN (WOL).

Easy Connect (optional software for your computer)
• It can find and connect your computer anywhere in the world by simply signing into your Google Gmail Account.
• Easy Connect allows a SINGLE CLICK CONNECT to your Windows or Mac computer without any complex configuration.
• Stream sound from any flavor of Windows Vista, Windows 7 and MAC OSX.
• Easy Connect uses VNC and is OPTIONAL to install on your Windows or Mac.

•• Please visit our Easy Connect product page where it can be downloaded for free from your Windows or Mac computer.••

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