DesignWorks Professional 4.8.1 Free Download Software For Mac + Torrent

Unique in the industry, DesignWorks Professional works the way you do. With its intuitive graphical interface you’ll be completing projects, not reading manuals. Let DesignWorks form the core of your engineering environment. DesignWorks Professional offers you the best user interface for schematic capture. The program is designed to minimize the number of mouse clicks and key strokes needed to complete a task. Most common operations, like placing a part or drawing a signal line, require no menu selections and no command typing. The powerful scripting system provides seamless integration with all your engineering tools. DesignWorks Professional doesn’t just provide an environment for a single goal. It allows you to recapture your investment dollars by being flexible enough to handle all your design goals, be the goal a PCB design, Spice analysis, or simulation.

After using a bunch of various “free” schematic capture programs I decided to spring for this. The interface is remeniscent of OS9 applications, its look and feel is a bit outdated and clunky, but otherwise the application works very well, is stable and feature rich. I created a new design from an existing one done in another product, and it took me about half the time, including learning how to use the new interface.

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