Day Plan 1.0.4 Free Download Software For Mac + Torrent

Day Plan is an all-in-one app to plan your day. It empowers you to plan a perfect day and get things done very easily. The app interface is divided into dedicated sections where users can add specific entries like Todos, people to call, things to buy, Appointments etc. In this way one can have a comprehensive look at the stuffs they need to do for a day.

Users also can jump to any date by using the built-in calendar and fill out different sections on days to come.

This section is basically a checklist. Users can add items as todos or tasks with reminders.

Users can add appointments with a event title, event time, reminder and a small note.

This sections is dedicated to the things that you are buying today. You can list down items one by one with check boxes.

You can import your system contacts into the app and list down people you need to call today.

If any one of your accountancies is having a birthday, it will show up here. It will fetch event data from your system Calendar.

Note: Please go App preference and click on “Import” to fetch events from Calendar.

Important stuffs that should not forget will go here.

Day Plan provides a fun way to express your mood for a given day. You can choose from five moods and select the one that suites you. You can go back and see how you were feeling on a particular day. You can also rate your day with stars.

-Intuitive interface to add todos and tasks.
-Add reminder with each todo entry.
-Get alert in Notification Center for each entry.
-Six dedicated sections for different types of task. Todos, Meeting, Buy, Contact, Wishes and Don’t Forget.
-Get alert in the Notification Center.
-iCloud sync between macOS. iOS App is going to be available very soon.
-Take backup of your data and restore at anytime.

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