Data Prepper 1.2 Free Download Software For Mac + Torrent

Data Prepper lets you extract, reorder, and transform columns from a CSV file. This application is very useful for modifying CSV files. By learning about Regular Expressions, you can significantly modify existing data to the format that you need column by column. The Previous Jobs window is extremely useful for repeated tasks.

If you get file feeds from a vendor, or need to reformat data before inserting it into a spreadsheet, or need to extract only a few columns and rearrange them before inserting them in a database, then Data Prepper will come in handy.

Some useful features:
– Merge multiple files into one results file
– Rearrange columns in input files
– Include only a subset of columns
– Add empty columns
– Combine multiple files in to one output file
– Trim whitespace from all columns or selected columns
– Skip blank lines, numbered lines, or lines that contain a pattern
– Read and reformat dates, times, and numbers
– Powerful Regular Expressions can be used to match strings for replacement
– Settings for both a job of files, as well as individual input files
– Supports Tab-delimited, Pipe-delimited, and CSV files
– Preview your files before running the job
– Extensive logging showing any issues with the job
– Auto run a job by dragging and dropping files on to the app icon

Data Prepper can be used for many important tasks, such as:
– Off-the-grid data processing
– Making tables from data scraped from the internet
– Reformat dates, times, and numbers the way you prefer
– Combine files into one for importing into databases or other systems
… and much more!

If you’re a professional who is deluged with data, and you need to make sense of it all, get Data Prepper and save some time!

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