Daily Schedule 1.0 Free Download Software For Mac + Torrent

Daily Schedule is an easy to use personal task management Mac Application. Users will be able to register tasks and events for different dates. This intuitive app has a simple user interface and tracking mechanism that will keep everything tightly organized. It offers a host of colorful icons to represent different tasks and an easy way to mark them as being completed. It comes with a graphical representation of how many tasks that have been entered into the app and how many of them have been completed.

I really loved the look and feel of the app, but actually working on it is a TERRIBLE experience. The colors and look make you think you think this is seamless but the execution is not there. I’d love to get my $5 back, but I feel that will even more of a hassle. Maybe if the app is updated and clean, it could be effective and awesome.

App Highlights:

-Easy to use user interface.
-Add tasks from multiple places of the app.
-Repeat your tasks weekly, monthly or yearly at the time of adding.
-Option to hide days with no task entry from Month View.
-Option to mark tasks as complete.
-90+ task icons to represent your event.
-Color your task icons from 8 color options.
-View yearly graphs and measure how many tasks you have accomplished.

Daily Schedule is the easiest way to plan your events and tasks. The layout uses simplistic representation of tasks through colorful icons. With this app one can take a quick glance at how a particular day or month would look like. Just click on the task icons after you complete your task. This is how you can keep track on how much you have done and how much is left to do.

So download Daily Schedule today and experience a new approach to personal task management.

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