CorelCAD 2018.0.1.1067 Free Download Software For Mac + Torrent

CorelCAD 2017 lets you discover the powerful and affordable CAD software that transforms 2D designs into 3D reality. It provides customizable 2D drafting tools and superior 3D design tools within an interactive workspace to achieve your CAD goals in all types of industries. Increase your workflow productivity with native .DWG file format support for worry-free collaboration with colleagues and business partners on CAD files. Work in a familiar environment with the ribbon UI, 3D print-ready features, and STL file output. Optimized for Windows, OS X, and Android tablets, CorelCAD delivers impressive speed, performance, and customization on the platform of your choice.

  • Powerful and affordable CAD software – Increase productivity with high-performance CAD software that includes 2D drafting, 3D design tools and advanced .DWG file support.
  • Industry-standard CAD features and UI – CorelCAD is compatible with all major CAD programs so users will feel at home working with a classic UI and traditional menu items or modern ribbon UI workspaces. Users can also migrate and import custom ribbon workspaces from other popular CAD programs directly into CorelCAD.
  • Precise 2D drafting tools – Create incredible designs and projects with generic 2D drafting features and precise drafting tools, including dynamic, on-screen snap and guide tools, new drawing constraints* to create and edit geometric and dimensional constraints, in-place text-editing, and quick and smart dimension tools.
  • Versatile 3D design tools – Evolve into 3D design, taking advantage of the 3D Solid Modeling tools for creating primitives and advanced 3D shapes using 3D editing operations. Extrude or revolve 2D entities, sweep 2D entities along a path, or loft between 2D entities to create solid objects. Join the 3D design revolution by using 3D tools to create initial project sketches to the finished product of 3D printing output.
  • High-performance CAD engine – Experience the solid state-of-the art CAD expertise and performance with the renowned ARES platform. With modern code and a popular 64-bit application, you’ll have the speed you need for productivity and streamlined workflow.
  • Clear-cut annotation and collaboration – Expand the reach of collaboration with the innovative VoiceNotes tool, which lets you add recorded messages, reminders or instructions directly into your drawing. Mark up drawing items with freehand sketches and mask portions of a drawing to exempt them from annotations. Highlight areas that require or contain revisions by accentuating drawing areas with Revision clouds. CorelCAD also includes PDF Underlay, DGN (Bentley Microstation) Underlay and GIS (ESRI .SHP file) support for repurposing assets from related workflows.
  • Popular publishing options – Output your CAD designs with advanced print and plot functionalities, including batch plot and print configuration management. CorelCAD provides many industry-standard output options such as PDF, EPS and SVG file formats. With the advent of 3D printing technology, your design projects now have unlimited potential and output possibilities with STL file output support for sending your 3D model to a 3D printer.

What’s New

Version 2018.0.1.1067:Note: version 2018.x is a paid upgrade. To view upgrade pricing, go here.

  • New Subscription license:
    • Subscribe to CorelCAD for Mac through in-app-purchases. With a subscription, CorelCAD software is always up-to-date and will always be supported and updated for the latest platforms, devices and technologies. You can use the software as long as your subscription is active.
    • Choose between a monthly subscription and an annual subscription option that offers additional cost savings.
  • Enhanced Native .DWG file support:
    • Open, edit and save files in .DWG format for easy collaboration with colleagues and suppliers. Increase project sharing with both internal teams and external suppliers using the latest version, AutoCAD R2018 .DWG file format, to ensure worry-free collaboration with business partners.
  • New 3D solid editing and modeling tools:
    • Save invaluable design time with faster on-screen editing tools. The enhanced EntityGrips and Properties palette allow for 3D editing and provide intuitive manipulation capabilities in 3D.
  • New Helix tool:
    • Increase the shaping possibilities using the new Helix tool to create 2D spirals and 3D helixes to provide any object with a three-dimensional shape in a single layer around a cylindrical shape, such as a spring or spiral staircase.
  • Enhanced Table support:
    • Use the new ExportTable command to export tables in a comma separated format (CSV), and import CSV files in Microsoft Excel or database applications. In tables, you can add formulas into cells plus insert, delete, merge or resize cells, rows and columns within existing tables.
  • New MultiLeader tool:
    • Draw, edit and configure callouts with multiple leader lines. This handy tool also allows you to add and remove leader lines to and from the MultiLeaders to adjust and edit as your drawing changes.
  • New Productivity enhancements:
    • Accelerate your workflow with the Copy command to quickly copy selected objects to the active layer instead of the source layer. Use the enhanced Paste command to copy content from the clipboard to the active layer instead of the source layer, or choose the Shift + Arrow keys to move selected entities with a specific increment.
  • New Block Attribute Manager:
    • Use the Block support to edit the BlockAttribute properties and settings in Block (symbol) definitions. With a few keystrokes, you can change the order in which you are prompted for BlockAttribute values when you insert a Block, you can synchronize all instances of Blocks based on settings in the Block Attribute Manager, or delete BlockAttributes from Blocks.
  • Enhanced performance:
    • Gain the advantages from computer-aided design software that delivers the strength you need from a new version that has been optimized for the latest operating systems, including macOS High Sierra, and features intuitive updates to the user interface.


  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.9 or later
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