Clipboard Master 5.0 Free Download Software For Mac + Torrent

As you already know that you could only copy one text at a time. When you copy a new text, the previous copied text is lost. Many times we also miss the data that we had used a few days back like a link to website, the copied email text, a formulae of a recipe, a part of the program, a copied MS Word text and many more.

The application helps to resolve this issue by storing all of the copied text. After installing this application, whenever you copy anything, the application will store it.

Even if you shutdown the computer or restart it, all copied data will be retained by the application.

You could store and reuse even thousands of copied text using the application.The application comes with a robust database to store thousands of copied items and provides the functionality to view, edit ,copy or search within the thousands of copied text.

The application comes with two interfaces.One resides at the menu bar area where you could access the most recently copied texts.

From the menubar icon or the app’s icon you could launch the main user interface where you could see all data which has been copied till now.The application stores all copied data. You could have even months of copied data inside the application. Whenever required, just open the application to see all copied texts.
The application will list all data in a proper order of date and time when these were captured.

The application also comes with Search functionality. Using this, you can search for any required data & get the content that was copied even months back.

Not only this, you could also modify and update the copied data inside the application. The application also allows to view and edit even multiple pages of copied text.Just double click on any entry and you will be able to see all details of the copied text. You could directly read these pages even without leaving the application.You could also select only a part of such data and reuse it anywhere by copying the selected parts only from those pages of data.

Below are the features of the application:

– Easy to use and organize – Install the app and leave the management of all copied text on it.
– Access easily from the Menubar icon.
– Access recently copied texts from menubar icon or go to main application to see the data of months of copied text.
– Unlimited copied text history retention.
– Easy clipping organization and editing. Copy a clipping back to the clipboard with a single tap. View, edit and extract contents.

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