ChronoSync 4.7.3 Mac

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ChronoSync 4.7.3 Mac Torrent Crack Free Download

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What’s New in Version 4.7.3:
・Implemented support for v4 authentication of AWS S3 commands.
・Updated the predefined set of AWS S3 endpoints to include all the latest, v4-only regions.
・Added the capability to specify a region identifier within the parenthesis to support future regions, or regions associated with S3 compatible services. If this syntax is used, the region identifier must be followed by /v4 or else v2 authentication will be used. An example of such an endpoint specification is: (region-identifier/v4)
・Pre- and Post- sync shell scripts now receive an additional argument, the ‘Run Mode’ of the sync. 0=Standard, 1=Trial Sync and 2=Scheduled Sync.

・Updated any 2016 references to 2017.

Bug Fixes
・Added logic to work around a memory leak in a system call on macOS 10.8. This affects uploading data to AWS S3. The solution applies only to macOS 10.8 and can be disabled, if needed.
・Added logic to address a problem where, in some instances, the local agent takes upwards of 10 seconds to access the local keychain. Added a retry for up to 30 seconds to account for the slow response.
・Fixed a bug in the Sync Document Log and Scheduler Log whereby log entries would appear to be truncated.
・Fixed a bug in the Scheduled Items editor whereby editing an item for which its corresponding sync document could not be located would not allow you to save any changes.
・Fixed a bug in the ‘Choose Target’ window whereby changing the selected volume in the left table by means of using the arrow keys on the keyboard would not trigger a volume change.
・Fixed a display bug in the ‘Choose Target’ window to account for the display of a scroll bar on the volumes list.
・Fixed a bug whereby the volumes list in the ‘Choose Target’ window would not scroll if there were more entries than were visible. This only affected macOS 10.8 and 10.9.
・Edited the Retina version of the ‘About’ dialog graphic so that it does not include a border frame.