BrainFeverMedia Software Suite (03.2018)

BrainFeverMedia is behind some of the best applications of optical effects both Mac and iOS.

SkyLab Studio 2.3
SkyLab Studio is the ultimate application for Mac sky replacement. Imagine dropping stunning skies in your photos with this new innovative application. You’ll love the large collection of cured from sunny skies, cloudy, stormy day to night shots.

Circular Studio 1.9
The most powerful application of “small planet” for Mac. Circular Studio is a new twist on photo editing. Turn your photos into amazing circular images. Circular Studio is a fun application with powerful new features never before seen in these applications. You can easily zoom in and zoom out his circular image to get it right. Once you are satisfied with your image, add professional effects like lens flares and sky objects like the sun, the moon, birds, etc.

LensFlare Studio 6.3
LensFlare Studio is a powerful tool for manipulating light to add visual effects to your photos. With over 100 effects, you can choose between lens flares, lighting effects, glows, bokeh and more.

Reflect Studio 2.7
Create beautiful photos with stunning reflective surfaces. Reflections are a powerful effect that should be in the toolbox of all photographers and designers. Reflect Studio is a new photo editor of the creators of LensFlare Studio.

Pro 1.5 anamorphic
anamorphic converts your ordinary photos into cinematic masterpieces using the API deep. Nothing compares to a real blur and depth of field of wide format anamorphic lens. You can now make the movie look nice on your mobile device.