Bookends 13.0.7 Free Download Software For Mac + Torrent

Bookends is a full-featured bibliography/reference and information-management system for students and professionals.

  • Bookends uses the cloud to sync reference libraries on all the Macs you use. Access the power of Bookends directly from MellelNisus Writer Pro, or MS Word (including Word 2016): Bookends allows you to scan your existing word-processor files and automatically generate finished manuscripts with properly formatted bibliographies. You can also scan Apple Pages ’08, ’09, and 5,, and LibreOffice/OpenOffice 4 files, or RTF files saved from any word processor.
  • Bookends allows you to share your references over the Internet with anyone, on any platform. And with Bookends, you can directly search and import references from numerous sources:
    • PubMed
    • Web of Science
    • JSTOR
    • Google Scholar
    • Amazon
    • Library of Congress
    • arXiv
    • and hundreds of other online sources

    Or use a built-in browser to download references with PDF’s and/or Web pages. Also, with automatic searches of PubMed, you can discover articles as soon as they’re published. Bookends allows for powerful group-based searches, with static, smart, virtual groups, and smart folders as well as tag clouds that make hierarchical searches easy.

  • Bookends also offers a robust assortment of file attachment features:
    • Attach any file (such as a PDF) to a reference and view or open it instantly.
    • Automatically rename and organize PDF files on-the-fly.
    • Automatically download and attach the PDF of an article from the Internet if you have access permission.
    • Automatically locate and attach PDF’s on your hard drive.
    • Annotate and markup PDFs and have the information instantly accessible in notecards.

    Easily migrate references and attachments from other reference managers to Bookends.

  • Sync your library with Bookends for iOS on your iOS devices, so that you have your references and PDF’s with you wherever you are.

What’s New

Version 13.0.7:

Recently Viewed group:
  • This is a permanent group that displays the references you have viewed in descending order (i.e. most recent being at the top). A reference is added to this group if you click on it or a PDF tab and the selection remains showing for a specified interval. In preferences (List tab) you can tell Bookends how long to wait after a click to consider the reference as “viewed”, and the maximum number of references to keep in this group. When the maximum is reached the oldest reference will be removed when a new one is added. Clicking on a reference while viewing this group will make it the most recently viewed, but to avoid confusion the list won’t redraw until the Recently Viewed group is selected again. If you are using cloud sync, the Recently Viewed group will be synced between Macs but not iOS devices.
Import metadata from PubMed with some style information:
  • If text is super- or subscripted, Bookends will surround it with the corresponding metacharacters used in Bookends to denote these, otherwise the style information (e.g. italics) is removed. Note that due to limitations in PubMed a space before or after the styled text may be missing.
Made changes in JSTOR parsing to deal with changes made by JSTO.:
Made changes to PubMed searches so that you can retrieve 500 or more references in a search.
Updated automated PDF downloads from ScienceDirect to deal with changes made by Elsevier.
Refs -> Replicate As Book Chapter will be enabled for references with a user-defined Type:
  • It’s up to the user to determine if this is a meaningful option for that Type.
Improved Wi-Fi sync:
  • To decrease the time it takes to sync, Wi-Fi sync will no longer check for orphaned attachments each time it is performed. If heretofore unfound local attachments are can now be found (e.g., they were relocated, or the maximum sync size of attachments was changed), click on the gear icon in the sync window and select “Check for orphaned attachments”.
Autofill from Internet will merge existing notes with any imported notes.
Bookends will remove spaces before semicolons in formatted references.
Cloud Sync normalizes times zones when determining modification dates.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed a bug in the import filter Source parser that prevented some metadata from being imported. Fixed a bug where the setting for using an underscore for spaces when renaming PDFs was not shown properly when preferences was opened. Fixed a rare problem with Mellel Live Bibliography where inserting the same citation multiple times could cause an error to be thrown. Fixed a problem in Bookends Browser where an invalid DOI on the web page could cause an error to be thrown when clicking on the downward arrow icon. Fixed a problem in references found on PubMed where the title or abstract was truncated if style information was included. Fixed a problem where an error was thown when displaying references with no titles for import in Bookends Browser. Fixed a bug in finding and attaching a local PDF when there was a single match. Fixed a bug in the Term List live search where the reference metadata was not updated if there were no matching references. Fixed a bug when attaching PDFs in batch where the metadata was not imported even though a DOI was present. Fixed a bug where the reference list’s single column heading was incorrect when sorting by Date Added. Fixed a bug in Global Change -> Remove Orphaned Attachments where the affected references were not updated properly and marked for sync.


  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.9 or later
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