Beautune 1.0.5

You can not always see the best in every picture … When you need a touch – up, no need to pay a makeup artist or learn Photoshop. Do it yourself, quickly and easily, with Beautune and our full makeup kit. Our application has the best interface that lets you share your best to the world quickly.

• Use the brush base for a perfect and uniform appearance.
• Add a little blush to highlight your beautiful cheekbones!
• Soft skin: Retract the years, delete those lines and dark circles for that perfect shine.
• Removing imperfections: remove those grains and imperfections quickly and easily.
• The eyes are the window to the soul! Do you want bigger eyes? Brighter? Different color? We have all the tools for you, from mask to eye shadow.
• Improve or change the color of your lips and whiten those teeth!
• Use remodeling tool to gently sculpt their functions or correct incorrect camera angles.
• Focus on what’s important, you! Use our tool to blur blur the rest and make the viewer see what matters.
• Finish your masterpiece with filters and fantastic frames, then email it or share it in your favorite social network.

• Fully optimized for Retina displays
Beautune is fully optimized for Retina displays, allowing you to view and edit your high – resolution photos in all their glory.
• Save, share and print
Send your photos to iPhoto, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and email all from within the application. Then print your masterpiece to really liven.

All these features and more, along with beautiful and incredibly easy interface will allow you to fix and share your pictures and selfies in seconds.