Back-In-Time 4.0.2 Free Download Software For Mac + Torrent


Back-In-Time 4.0.2 Mac Torrent Crack Free Download.

 Back-In-Time 4.0.2 Mac Torrent Crack Free Download


Now, the format of the date and time can be changed in Preferences.
Various minor enhancements and interface changes.


Various minor corrections.

Time Machine is a great basic backup tool, but the options for locating and restoring data are quite limited. Back-In-Time gives you total flexibility in locating and recovering your data to any location on your Mac.

Access Time Machine Data located in any disk or Mac:
From the same interface, you can easily access any file or folder located on any of your Time Machine disks: the one you use, the Time Machine disks used by other Macs, and also data from Time Capsule.
Back-In-Time can also access the data remaining on a former Time Machine disk.

Easily find the multiple versions as well as deleted items
Back-In-Time displays the number of versions available for each document, and when they were saved. You can preview and open the files directly, and also get a graphical comparison of their contents.
Deleted items are displayed and you can copy, preview, and open them.

Open Multiple Browsers
Back-In-Time can open multiple browsers to display multiple Time Machine disks, folders and backup dates to compare and retrieve data easily. Copy, Recovery and Preview features are directly available.

Drag and Drop to recover or open files
To restore a file or folder, simply drag it to its original location or to any other place on your Mac.
To preview a file, press the Space bar.
To view or open a file, drag it onto the application of your choice (the file cannot be modified when located on the Time Machine disk).

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