A Case of Distrust Free Download Software For Mac + Torrent

A case of distrust is a narrative mystery of 1924 in San Francisco. Play as a private investigator Phyllis Malone Cadence in this historic 2D adventure game. Explore clandestine underground bars, pool halls filled with smoke, classic barber shops and more. Catch lies suspects using evidence, statements and your wits. Heroin intrinsic faces challenges as fighting a setback in emancipation, which raises many questions, both internal and external. Discover the truth in a mystery full of deceit!


  • Mystery hard working characters of past deceptive to truth
  • 1924 San Francisco with historically accurate details
  • Saul Bass inspired images and scene transitions
  • stirring music that gives style to the roaring 20s
  • Issues of poverty, racism and emancipation that relate to contemporary issues
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